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5 Necessities To Send With Your Elderly Loved One With Alzheimer's To The Assisted Living Center

by Karl Bryant

In the beginning stages of Alzheimer's the mild forgetfulness and disorientation may not be so bad that you should be afraid for your elderly loved one to be alone. However, as their mental health deteriorates, it will be much more ideal for your elderly family member to transition into an assisted living center that specializes in care for Alzheimer's patients. Even though this change may be for the benefit of your loved one, any move and change in surroundings can be disconcerting for your family member. To make the transition into an assisted living facility a little more comfortable, there are five necessities you should make sure you bring from their usual living space. 

1. Family Photos - You want your family member to be constantly reminded of who they are and of the faces of those who love them. Therefore, bringing family photos to the assisted living facility will help. Hang family photos on the walls, set up framed photos on the table, and even create a photo album for them to keep around. 

2. Favorite Bedding - Bedding is a major home comfort and one that even an Alzheimer's patient may be familiar enough with that it makes them more comfortable. Bring along throw pillows from their bed that they usually use and their most-used blankets. 

3. Certain Furniture Pieces - Your loved one's favorite chair or recliner, their bedside table, or even their dresser are examples of furniture pieces which will help a room appear more similar to the home where your loved one is moving from. If possible, arrange these furniture items in a way that is reminiscent of the home they are leaving. 

4. Window Treatments - Windows are the focal point of a room, so if the assisted living facility has a room for your loved one which has windows, it is a good idea to bring along curtains and other window treatments from home. Because this is one of the most easily recognized interior design features, it can definitely help your family member feel more at home. 

5. Usual Home Fragrance Products - The sense of smell has a direct relation with memory. Therefore, if you can make the new living space smell more like home, your loved one will most likely feel more comfortable. If your family member had a certain air freshener they always used at home or specific types of potpourri, make sure you take these things to the assisted living facility with them.