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Why Home Health Care Is Ideal After Partial Paralysis From A Stroke

by Karl Bryant

Did your life change after stoke complications caused one side of your body to become partially paralyzed? If you have been unable to take care of yourself as you once did, a home care nurse can come in handy as you recover from the stroke complications. A nurse can actually help you avoid suffering from another major stroke. Below, you will find helpful information in regards to the services that a home care nurse can provide for your situation.

Take You to Physical Therapy Sessions

One of the main aspects of recovering from partial paralysis is undergoing physical therapy treatment. A specialist can help you move your leg, arm, and hand on the side of the body that is paralyzed.  He or she will use strategic movement techniques that are geared towards improving your blood flow. The oxygen in blood promotes healing and gives you the ability to move better.  Driving with partial paralysis can be difficult, so it is worth having a home care nurse around who can drive you to physical therapy appointments.

Keep an Eye On Your Blood Pressure Levels

One of the common causes of stroke complications is high blood pressure. If high blood pressure was the cause of your stroke, it is important for the levels to be regularly monitored. A home care nurse will check your blood pressure upon each visit, as well as anytime that he or she believes your health is in danger. If the levels go up to a dangerous level, the nurse will make sure that you receive medical attention before another stroke occurs.

Help Out with Some of Your Daily Duties

A home care nurse can assist you with numerous tasks around your house. For instance, a nurse can help you prepare meals until you are able to cook on your own again. He or she can also help you get in and out of the shower, put on clothes, and keep your hair combed.

Help You Keep Your Limbs Moving at Home

It is important for you to get into the habit of moving your limbs when you are at home. A home care nurse will make sure that you take walks on a regular basis, even if you can only take a few steps at a time. He or she will also massage and exercise your paralyzed limbs to promote healing. Failing to keep your limbs active can lead to a slower recovery.

For more information about how a home care nurse can help, speak to an agency like Neighbors Home Care Services about your needs.