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Getting A Bath Stool Could Mean The Difference Between Life And Death

by Karl Bryant

If you're concerned about your safety in the shower, you should know that getting a bath stool could be one of the simplest decisions you can make, yet also one of the most powerful. Bath stools can prevent considerable injuries that could put you or your loved ones at risk. Here's why you need a bath stool right now.

Number of Injuries

People of all ages are at risk of falling in the shower, believe it or not. One recent study showed that 235,000 people on average are hurt badly enough to have to go to the hospital after falling in the shower every year. The most shocking thing is that this number isn't limited to people who are injured or elderly but includes patients as young as fifteen. That means even children can benefit from using a shower stool.

Types of Injuries

The types of injuries that people receive in the shower is just as important as their age and health prior to the injury.

For the elderly, any kind of fall can be deadly. Hip injuries are extremely common among the elderly when falling in the shower, and that's a problem. Hip fractures have an extremely high mortality rate among the elderly and can remain a risk to their health for up to a decade after the fall. As a result, seniors should do everything they can to avoid falling and breaking a hip.

For people who are younger, falling can still become a deadly threat. Hitting one's head can not only result in a concussion or potential brain damage, but it can also mean losing consciousness in the shower. That carries the risk of drowning, too.

Simplest Solution

The easiest and simplest solution to solving this problem is to a bath stool to sit on while taking showers. Using a bath stool will dramatically reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Bath stools typically have rubber feet to prevent them from moving, and they have built-in drains so that the seat doesn't turn into a puddle.

If you want to add one more method of protection, a security bar will be there to provide a sturdy, safe place to grip onto when getting in and out of the tub. It can also be there to grab onto if you start to slip. Both of these home improvements are inexpensive and can protect you and your family from the risks in the shower. Don't put off doing what you can to protect yourself. Make plans to get shower safety equipment now so that your next shower is a safer one. For more information, contact a company like Lincoln Mobility.