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How To Stop A Second Fall From Happening To An Elder

by Karl Bryant

If your elderly loved one has had a fall recently, chances are it was scary for the both of you. Having a fall at any age is difficult, but in the later years of life, it's extremely dangerous. If your loved one has had a fall and you want to prevent another one from happening, this is what you should do.

It's Likely to Happen

You might think that your loved one will be more careful and aware now that they've had a first fall, so a second fall is less likely to happen. Unfortunately, statistically speaking, this is unlikely to be the case. Elderly people who experience a fall are more likely to fall again. In this case, it means that you need to make some changes in order to protect your loved one.

Make Home Changes

The first thing you can do is to take some steps around the home to discourage falls. Try setting up grab rails in the bathroom, around the bed, and anywhere else that your loved one has difficulty sitting or standing.

Guard rails are especially a good idea for the shower or bathtub, as falls in the tub can be particularly injurious.


Another good idea is to enroll your loved one in some kind of gentle exercise course, like water walking or yoga. These gentle exercises can help your loved one's body to grow stronger without causing any kind of damage to their joints, which could be hurting after their initial fall.

Growing stronger is an integral part of not falling again. If your loved one's muscles are weak, it's harder for them to catch themselves when they start to fall, and they'll be more likely to get injured.

Hire Home Care

Lastly, hire someone to help them out around the house. Senior home care is a great way of giving your loved one some help and some supervision without making them feel like they're being babysat or shipped off to a care home. If your loved one is independent and stubborn, this may be the best way to ensure that they're well taken care of.

Regardless of what you thought before reading this, if your loved one has fallen, they're likely to have another fall. Following these three tips will help you to reduce the risk of that fall happening, and if it does, the last step will help your loved one to get the help that they need.