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Risks Factors For Senior Falls Indicate A Need For Nursing Services

by Karl Bryant

For many seniors, it is necessary to have nursing services available to help them throughout various stages of life. Some seniors are at higher risk of falls than others, and this means that they may be susceptible to injury. This indicates that in-home nursing care may be available.

Are you unsure about getting in-home nursing services for your loved one? These indicators that your loved one might be at risk for a fall may indicate the need for nursing services.

Increasing Age

As your loved one ages, he or she may be at higher risk for falls. Age comes with changes to the bones and body systems, and it can also impact mobility in general. In-home nursing services ensure that your loved one has access to the resources that prevent falls.

History of Falls

If somebody has a history of falling, it is quite likely that they will fall again in the future. One fall can lead to several more, especially if the first fall leads to serious injury.

Lack of Sleep

Failure to get enough sleep is also a serious indicator that somebody could fall. Your loved one may experience insomnia, which impacts their brain and body the next day. Nursing services can look for signs of insomnia and sleepiness.

Fractures & Broken Bones

Somebody who has broken bones and fractures could possibly experience another fall that is more serious. Additionally, stepping wrong could jar a previous injury, causing pain and then a fall. Nursing services can provide home accommodations that help your loved one avoid these falls.


Dementia could make your loved one more susceptible to falls and injury because dementia can lead to sundowning and wandering, both of which can be dangerous without additional care. Nursing services can prevent wandering and other dangerous behaviors associated with dementia.

Higher Weight

Weight can impact a senior's mobility. If somebody struggles to walk or has to work harder for each step, they are more likely to fall and hurt themselves. Nursing services ensure that your loved one has access to accommodations, like handrails and wheelchairs if they are necessary.

Contact In-Home Nursing Home Services

Do you want to prevent falls in your loved one's home? You may be able to do this by hiring nursing services to come to your loved one's home. Contact a nursing service today to learn more about your options for taking care of your loved one.